Concrete Garage Slab Construction in Minnesota

New garages are most commonly built upon a concrete floating slab.
Concrete floors for pole barns are installed after the pole barn is built.

What is a floating slab?

A floating slab is a concrete slab foundation on which a structure is built. A floating slab does not have frost protected footing and is designed to “float” with the ground during the winter months.  Floating slabs are most commonly used when building a detached garage or shed. A floating slab cannot be used if the structure that is built upon it is attached to your house. In this case you will need frost protected footings and a block foundation.

Why should I go with a floating slab instead of a frost protected foundation?

The reason you would go with a floating slab instead of a frost protected foundation is because floating slabs are cheaper to install. There is usually little excavation required and floating slabs take less time to complete.

Do I need a permit?       

All floating slabs require a building permit obtained from the city in which you live. The city requires a set of drawings detailing the location on your property where the concrete floating slab is to be placed and the structural design of the concrete. Unlimited Concrete Concepts can design and submit these drawings for you and pull the permit. We will also schedule all necessary inspections that are required to complete the concrete portion of your project.

 What is the structural design of a floating concrete slab?

The structural design varies with each city. Some typical characteristics of concrete floating slabs are: thickened edges with two #4 rebar running continuous around the perimeter, rebar reinforcement throughout the entire slab or fiber mesh, and one course of block with galvanized anchor bolts installed about every five feet and within one foot from each corner to which the sill plate is to be anchored to.

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