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Make Your Pool Family Friendly Again.

Concrete Pool Deck in Minnesota

A new concrete pool deck will bring your pool back to life again!

When comparing concrete pool decks to the installations of concrete patios or concrete driveways, concrete pool decks require a few extra steps before and after the concrete is placed. Here are some examples:

Install new ground wire

- A new grounding wire is installed around your entire pool or in the section that is being replaced. The ground wire is attached to the metal of your pool structure, all ladder and railing anchors, and all the rebar in the concrete.

Replace ladder anchors

- The ladder and railing anchors on concrete pool decks must be grounded. Many times the grounding screws are corroded and we cannot properly attach the new grounding wire. New ladder and railing anchors are automatically included in your contract price.

Replace pool cover anchors

- Upon removal of your old concrete, we try to gently remove your pool cover anchors so they can be saved and re-used. Many times a few are not reusable. In this case, we will install new ones.

Non-slip sealer

- Sealer on concrete becomes slippery when wet. We apply a sealer with a grit additive to make the concrete less slippery.

Expect debris in the pool

- As much as we try to keep all the debris out of the pool, some is to be expected. Most of the debris is concrete dust generated from the removal of the old concrete pool deck as well as small concrete chips from the jack-hammer. It is advised to hire a professional pool cleaner to clean your pool once all the concrete work is finished.

Consider Stamped and Colored concrete for a unique look.


Thank you Amy! This is European Fan for the stamp pattern. Regular, not colored, concrete with a black accent.

Stamped Colored Concrete Patio

Customer Comment:

To everyone who worked on our project, thank you! We appreciate all of you and your hard work! We LOVE our new driveway, stoop, sidewalks, and stamped patio! It was so interesting learning and watching how it is all done. I hope you all have a very blessed Holiday season!

Mike & Theresa