Sealing a New Concrete Driveway

Unavoidable Challenges

-Water Intrusion

-Corrosive Deicing Chemicals

-Extreme Weather Shifts

The combination of harsh freeze/thaw weather cycles, road salts and other common deicing chemicals, and environmentals including saltwater spray cause serious damage to concrete sufaces, especially over multiple seasons in areas that experience numerous early freeze/thaw cycles, such as Minnesota. These factors can lead to structural integrity flaws and failures such as scaling, spalling, and cracking.

Unlimited Concrete Concepts will apply a penetrating concrete sealer to your new or old concrete driveway. Penetrating concrete sealers are more effective at protecting against scaling, spalling, and cracking because of their chemically-derived hydrophobic barrior which guards against moisture and corrosive deicing chemicals. Water is redirected to shed areas rather than soaking into the concrete.

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