Concrete Block Retaining Wall Construction in Minnesota

When installing a new concrete driveway or a new concrete patio sometimes it may be necessary to install a retaining wall especially if you are enlarging or expanding the usable surface.

Building the block retaining wall is the first step in your project after all the old concrete, asphalt, and/or grass is removed. After the wall is complete and all the concrete is poured we will need to re-grade your yard, install black dirt, and spread grass seed or lay sod.

Knowledge is key when constructing a new block retaining wall. The first course of the wall needs to be placed on compacted class five and perfectly leveled in. A drainage system behind the wall may be necessary and will be determined by the type of soil and where the new concrete is to be placed. The final course, called the cap block, must be cut to fit with a diamond blade saw and glued into place.

Much like concrete, a well built block retaining wall needs to be done by professionals. We, at Unlimited Concrete Concepts, are the professionals to install your new retaining wall and complete your project.