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A stamped and colored concrete patio is a great addition to any backyard or other outdoor gathering space. When compared to wood decks, stamped and colored concrete is virtually maintenance free.

The design potential is unlimited and can be customized into any shape to fit your home.

The cost of stamped concrete is generally less than pavers. The price for stamped concrete has a wide range because of its unique designs, multiple colors, multiple stamp patterns, and other pricing variables.

The pricing structure for stamped and colored concrete is by the square foot, length (ft) x width (ft). It is broken down like this: the price to install the concrete, the sq. ft. price for the stamp pattern chosen, and the sq. ft. price for colored concrete. Stamped and colored borders are priced by the linear foot (ln ft).

There are six pricing variables in stamped and colored concrete. They are the stamp pattern, color, border, ease of access, removal, and structural design.

1. Stamp Pattern

Stamp patterns are broken down into two main categories; texture only stamp (embossing skin) and texture/pattern stamp with visible seems or joints. There is a different price for each with the texture stamps being less than the pattern stamps.


Texture stamps are used to create a stone like texture on the surface of concrete. These stamps are very popular because they are less aggressive than pattern stamps which results in easier cleaning and less rocking with your table and chairs.

Pattern with joints

pattern stamp with joints creates a beautiful replica of real stone pavers. These stamps are wonderful and will add beauty to any home.

2. Color

Concrete is colored using three main techniques or a combination thereof; integral colorshake on, or acid stain.

Integral color is color that is injected right into the cement truck turning all the concrete one color. This is the most commonly used and preferred method of coloring concrete. Once integral colored concrete is stamped, different hues of that color become present and create a beautiful desirable look.

3. Border

Many times a border is desirable on your decorative concrete patio. There are many variations to borders. Will it be tooled in, poured separately, smooth, broomed, stamped, a different color, a different pattern, a different stamp, and how wide will it be? Unlimited Concrete Concepts will help you in making that decision.

4. Ease of Access

Most patios are not easily accessible with a concrete truck and require the concrete to be wheel barrowed, power buggied, conveyer trucked, or pumped. Precautions are taken to do as little damage to your yard as possible in getting materials to and from the site.

5. Removal

Installing concrete patios many times requires removal of an old concrete patio, pavers, grass or sod, landscape rock, mulch, and earth. This is evaluated at the time of the estimate and a separate charge will be applied.

6. Structural Design

The structural design is very important on a stamped and colored patio. (see Stamped Concrete Structural Design)

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