Concrete in Coon Rapids, MN


Over the years we have completed many concrete projects in Coon Rapids, MN. New concrete drivewaysfoundations for home additions, and stamped concrete patios just to name a few.

Coon Rapids is known for having strict building codes and regulations. This is why it is important to hire a licensed concrete contractor who knows these building codes and is familiar with their unique regulations and inspections.

For example: Coon Rapids requires a permit to replace your old driveway with a new concrete driveway. Detailed drawings of the proposed new driveway with dimensions to the property lines must be submitted to the city along with a lot survey. Underground utilities must be marked. A form inspection is required prior to any concrete being placed. Here the inspector is verifying the overall dimensions of the driveway, looking for the curb stop, and checking the location of the driveway from the property lines. After the concrete is placed a final inspection is required before the city will close out the project. See Coon Rapids, MN Concrete Driveway Handout

Coon Rapids requires the contractor to pull this permit and schedule all inspections. The fee for a driveway permit is $100.00.

Unlimited Concrete Concepts is very familiar with this process and does not charge you anything extra above the one hundred dollar city fee. Our goal is to make the driveway replacement process simple and worry-free for you.

To schedule an estimate on a new concrete driveway or any other concrete project, please fill out the Request a Quote form and a representative will contact you shortly.

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