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Commercial Concrete in Minnesota

If your business is in need of concrete work, look no further. Unlimited Concrete Concepts will replace that broken sidewalk or install a new concrete parking lot. You may need more space and are considering an addition to your building which will require excavation, footings, and block. Whatever it may be, we will be there for you every step of the way to completing the concrete aspect of your project.

Concrete Parking Lot

Concrete stands the test of time better than any other leading building material. While its strengths are legendary, environmental concerns and new technologies make concrete and even smarter choice today.

By choosing a concrete parking area, you are selecting a more durable pavement that will require much less maintenance over the course of its lifetime which is a considerable longer life than alternative pavements. Because of its strength, durability, custom appearance, ease of construction, and return on investment, concrete parking is the best choice for optimal value.

Strong and Durable

No other paving material approaches concrete’s strength and durability in standing up to heavy usage and truck traffic.

Competitive Initial Cost

Without expensive bases, projects can be completed in one pass, more quickly than the alternatives.

Most Economical

Concrete pavement lasts longer, without the need for resurfacing, patching, or surface sealing.

Enhanced Safety

Concrete’s reflective surface means brighter and safer surroundings for pedestrians and drivers at a lower lighting cost.

Environmentally Friendly

Concrete is produced from abundant natural recourses, reduces toxic run-off, and can be easily recycled. It is also cooler in the summer which provides outdoor comfort while reducing the “heat island” effect.

Upscale Appearance

Concrete’s clean look creates a good first impression and lasting sense of quality for customers, tenants, and employees.


Concrete can be fashioned with an array of decorative textures, shapes, patterns, and colors.                        

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